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Open Student Positions

Job Title Work Unit Building Pay Start Date
Administrative and Project Assistant Catering Union $8.00/hr 4/1/2015
Assistant to Union Student Involvement Union Programming Union $8.84/hr 4/1/2015
Business Office Assistant Auxiliary Services Union $10.00/hr 4/20/2015
Catering Assistant Catering Union $8.00/hr 1/5/2015
CATR Communications Assistant Center of Aging and Translational Research Northwest Quad $12-15/hr 6/2/2015
Child Care Assistant Caregiver Childrens Learning Center Northwest Quad $7.25-8.00/hr 4/15/2015
Computer / Network Support Asst SCE/ADMIN/DEAN School of Continuing Education $8.25/hr 9/11/2014
Conference Services Aide Conference Services School of Continuing Education $8.25/hr 3/10/2014
Custodial Aide Union Custodial Union $7.75/hr 3/30/2015
Desktop Support Assistant Business Administration and Technical Operations Enderis $9/hr 4/20/2015
Fitness Attendant University Recreation Klotsche Center $7.25/hr 5/1/2015
Food Service Cashier Union Atrium Union $7.25/hr 1/20/2015
Food Service Worker Gasthaus Union $7.25/hr 1/22/2014
Food Service Worker Union Atrium Union $7.25/hr 1/20/2015
Food Service Worker Sandburg Cafe Sandburg $7.25- 8.25/hr 8/10/2014
Food Service Worker Cambridge Commons Cafe Cambridge $7.28-$8.25/hr 1/19/2015
Food Service Worker Palm Gardens Sandburg $7.25-8.25/hr 2/9/2015
Group Exercise Instructor University Recreation Klotsche Center $12-14/hr 5/18/2015
Imaging Assistant Image Central Mellencamp $7.50/hr 1/21/2015
L&S IT Office Dispatch Supervisor UITS Merrill $12.60/hr 5/1/2015
LGBT Safe Space Project Manager LGBT Resource Center Union $10/hr 6/15/2015
Lifeguard University Recreation Klotsche Center $8.25/hr 5/17/2015
Metals Lead Assistant Union Craft Center Union $8.58/hr 4/15/2015
Network Assistant UITS Northwest Quad $9/hr 5/1/2015
Operations Attendant University Recreation Klotsche Center $7.25/hr 5/1/2015
Overnight Building Support Union Administration Union $8.00/hr 4/5/2015
PantherSync Assistant CSI (Center for Student Involvement) Union $8.50/hr 4/17/2015
Peer Health Educator Office of Health Promotion and Wellness Norris Health Center, Union $8.50/hr 8/19/2015
SARUP Computer Lab Monitor Computing Services AUP $8.25/hr 9/8/2015
Security and Service Desk Clerk (General) Housing Security Cambridge, Kenilworth, Riverview, Sandburg $7.25 - $8.50/hr 8/15/2015
Shuttle Driver Housing Shuttle Service Sandburg $10/hr 8/3/2015
Student Architect UITS Northwest Quad $10.00/hr 5/1/2015
Student Assistant Office Grad Studies and Research Enderis negotiable/hr 2/26/2015
Student Maintenance Technician Housing Maintenance Sandburg $7.75/hr 5/18/2015
Student Services Associate Graduate Education Mitchell Hall $8.50/hr 4/15/2015
Summer Student Painter Housing Maintenance Cambridge, Kenilworth, Purin, Riverview, Sandburg $7.75/hr 5/18/2015
Upward Bound Residence Hall Advisor Trio & Pre College Program Mitchell Hall $9.00 starting/hr 6/21/2015
Upward Bound Tutor Trio & Pre College Program Mitchell Hall $10.00 starting/hr 6/22/2015
Water Safety Instructor University Recreation Klotsche Center $12.00/hr 5/10/2015